PER: Retirement Savings Plan

An innovative product adapted to your needs: employees, workers in the informal sector, the PER from CIF Assurances Vie Burkina guarantees you a peaceful old age free from need.



An innovative, flexible and accessible product that secures the future of your children. With the GALYAM Mixed Education pension, my children's future is assured



Assurer la scolarité du bénéficiaire désigné au contrat, en cas de décès de l'assuré pendant la période garantie.


APF+ : Family Protection Assistance

The product of CIF Assurances-Vie Burkina which guarantees the payment of a capital in the event of death or absolute and permanent disability, with an option of doubling the chosen capital


Sponsored account

Assurer vos comptes pour transmettre à vos proches un capital en cas de décès : Produit d'assurances-vie en cas de décès, Tarifs à la portée de tous : seulement 100 F CFA pour chaque mois, ...


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Message of the General Manager

Dear internet users,
On behalf of the Board of Directors of Compagnie CIF Assurances-Vie Burkina, I would like to welcome you to our new revamped site.
This decision to redesign the old website responds to the General Management's desire to strengthen communication and digital marketing with this market segment.
Indeed, we wanted this dynamic site, user-friendly and rich in information.
The judicious use of this site will allow you to better know the Company and the products marketed in order to make an informed choice. ...


General director

CIF-VIE BURKINA - Strategic planning

For the next three years 2021, 2022 and 2023, CIF Assurances-Vie Burkina intends to build its growth around four strategic orientations which are:

  • business development

  • risk management

  • strengthening the institutional framework

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

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CIF-VIE BURKINA - Plus proche, plus humain

  • Our mission
  • Our vision
  • Challenges

Our mission

CIF-VIE Burkina's mission is to "Develop and market competitive commercial offers adapted to the needs of target audiences"

Our vision

Our vision for 2023: "to be ranked in the top 4 life insurance companies in Burkina Faso by offering the best satisfaction rate while being the closest and most humane in its relations with its policyholders".


  • Ensure a breakthrough in the banking market, decentralized financial systems in the next decade at the national level to establish customer diversification
  • Succeeding the implementation of digitalization in the market development approach
  • Mobilize an ambitious and daring sales force
  • Develop new market segments
  • Ensure a breakthrough in the market other than bank and SFD customers (young people and actors of the solidarity economy)
  • Innovate to adapt to the needs and profiles of customers and prospects

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